Voltage control Protector sockets

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Best quality Clopal 10A Voltage Protector

It is true that current flows over wires and among the circuits when applied to the voltages. The Voltage perform main role in electric circuit. However, protecting the voltages is also compulsory, as high voltages can damage your expensive devices. Most people think only costly devices have to attach to the appliance to control the voltage. It is true to some extent but not overall. The brands have manufactured small sockets with voltage protecting capabilities.

voltage control socket

Description of Voltage Control Protector Sockets

  • Display with indicators : Current voltage
  • Low voltage protection: LOP
  • High voltage protection: HIP
  • Safety door to prevent accident electric shock
  • Except the 3 Pin socket in the front, also has 2 Pin socket on the bottom side
  • One button available to change different settings
  • Multi cooling holes to keep the inside temperature from overheat
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