LED Night rider series Clopal

LED Night rider series Clopal one of the innovative electrical switches in Clopal products. big switches with elegant dim led lights with on / off buttons. Available in Karachi and other cities upon request. +92-321-2248975

Flatty small switch

Flatty small switch Clopal has newly introduced the most demanding flatty look switches in small size and beautiful color which makesĀ  flatty series a fancy small switches look. Contact: +92-321-2248975

Led lights

Led lights are the ideal choice for saving the power i.e. electricity bills as well as high amount of lightning in less watt. LED lights are more comfortable than other old technology lights in many aspects. Contact: +92-321-2248975

Night Rider Switches

Night Rider Switches Clopal Electric Switches and sockets in Karachi Pakistan. +92-321-2248975 Clopal has a unique Switches product with Led lights on side of sheets which glow as light peice of dim light in room as well as indicates the location of electrical switches in the room.