Steelex upvc pipes and Fittings

Steelex upvc pipes and Fittings dealer and Supplier in Karachi Pakistan.

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Steelex Pipes Price List

Steelex UPVC Pipes Manufacturing Standard

  • UPVC Schedule 40 pipes are manufactured in strict compliance with ASTM D-1785
  • Pressure rated (SDR Series) pipes are manufactured in strict compliance with ASTM D-2241
  • uPVC pipes are produced from compound which confirms ASTM D-1784
  • All upvc fittings for above pipes according to ASTM D-2466 & D-2665

Sizes upvc Pipes Steelex

Steelex manufactur UPVC Pipe fittings sizes as following:

  • UPVC Pipes (Schedule 40) : ½” to 12″
  • UPVC Pipes (SDR Series) : 2″ ~ 8″
  • CPVC Pipes (Schedule 40) : ½” ~ 1″
  • PVC Electric Conduit Pipes : ½” ~ 4″
Benefits of Steelex UPVC Pipes and Fittings
Easy to Install
Corrosion Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Weather Resistance
High Flow Rate

Steelex UPVC Fittings

Steelex uPVC fittings offer a comprehensive range of fitting to cater growing need of the water, sewerage, building construction industry.

PVC Fittings RANGE

Steelex UPVC fittings available in following sizes:

  • UPVC Fittings (Schedule 40) : ½” to 4″
Manufacturing Standards Steelex UPVC
  • UPVC Schedule 40 Socket and Threaded according to ASTM D-2466
  • UPVC Schedule 40 Drainage Fittings according to ASTM D-2665
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