PVC Grating Fiber Concept

PVC Grating Fiber Concept Prices Shop Suppliers in Karachi Pakistan. +92-321-2248975

Ideal application for Swimming Pool drainage, House main gate, garden areas, industrial fluid drain areas, out door drainage, gardening drain trench, Water parks etc.

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PVC Grating Fiber Concept prices suppliers karachi pakistan


Grating SIZE (width) COLOR PRICE

  • 5” Inch Black/Silver/Grey Rs. 74 per piece (8 pieces = 1 feet
  • 7”Inch Black/Silver/Grey Rs. 75 per piece (8 pieces = 1 feet
  • 12” Inch Black/Silver/Grey Rs. 188 per piece (8 pieces =1 feet)

1) Prices are subject to change without prior Notice.
2) Replacement guarantee is only accepted on vehicle grade

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