Prime Brass series Clopal Switches

Prime Brass series Clopal Switches 10A 220-240 volt prices suppliers and dealers in Karachi Lahore Pakistan +92-321-2248975

Available in 6 different series

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Product items are as below:

1 gang switch
2 gang switch
3 gang switch
4 gang switch
1 gang + 1 socket
2 gang + 2 socket
2 gang + 1 socket
3 gang + 1 socket
Bell Push
Breaker switch
TV socket
Telephone socket
TV + Tel
2 TV socket
seperate dimmer
Light plug (Multifunction) socket
Power plug
Universal socket 6in1
double Universal socket 6in1
USB charger socket
6 gang switch
6 gang + 1 socket
4 gang + 2 socket
8 gang switch
7 gang 1 switch
8 gang 2 switch
10 gang switch
9 gang 1 switch
8 gang 2 switch

Stock available in Karachi Pakistan
Online orders accepted within Pakistan for deliveries

Economical Prime Switches Price In Pakistan

There are many companies and brands available that online offering switches at different prices. However, Clopal Prime switches are available at the lowest possible prices. The reason is that we are the direct selling partner with the manufacturing brand and want to make them accessible for everyone. Whether you want to upgrade switches for home, office, commercial property, or industrial property, Clopal Prime switches are equally suitable for them. Also, enjoy promotional deals and other discount offers whether you buy a single switch or in bulk.

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