PPR pipe supplier in Pakistan

PPR pipe supplier in Pakistan +92-321-2248975

RAKtherm ppr is the perfect choice for water supply piping installation due its unique Properties including food grade, conceald or exposed installation support, German standards and high reasearch product … and Many valuable clients trust word over.

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    Dear Sir,
    How are you?
    Can you give us a quotation for pipe and accessories RFQ.

    N0 Discreption Unit Qty Unit Price Total Price
    1 Round PPR Pipes 10 inch Pis 1
    2 Round PPR Elbow 10 inch Pis 1
    3 Round PPR Coupler 10 inch Pis 1
    4 Round PPR Pipe Tee 10 inch Pis 1
    5 Round PPR Reducer 10 inch Pis 1

    6 Round PPR Pipes 16 inch Pis 1
    7 Round PPR Elbow 16 inch Pis 1
    8 Round PPR Coupler 16 inch Pis 1
    9 Round PPR Pipe Tee 16 inch Pis 1
    10 Round PPR Reducer 16 inch Pis 1

    thank you

    Beast Regard
    Abdulsalam Othman

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      Please contact on whatsApp +92-321-2248975

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