Platinium Series Clopal Electric

Platinium Series Clopal Electric CLOPAL frame less Platinium switches and sockets. suppliers in Karachi Pakistan. +92-321-2248975
Available in 4 different series
220-240 volt

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Product items are as below:

1 gang switch,
2 gang switch,
3 gang switch,
4 gang switch,
Bell Push,
TV socket,
Telephone socket,
TV + Tel,
2 TV socket,
Big dimmer,
Light plug (Multi function) + 2 pin socket,
Power plug,
20A Double Pole switch,
Multi function + USB charger,
6 gang switch,
6 gang switch + 1 socket + 1 dimmer
6 gang switch + 2 sockets,
6 gang switch + 2 dimmers,
8 gang switch,

Stock available in Karachi Pakistan,
Online orders accepted within Pakistan for deliveries

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