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Industrial Plug Sockets Price In Karachi Pakistan. Clopal Electric Industrial Plugs and Sockets.

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The manufacturers analyze several factors to offer the best quality plug sockets. Approved for the international standards and quality is higher than the local market products. Use it without any issues for commercial and industrial purposes.

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Clopal Electric is the No. 1 supplier and wholesaler of industrial plug sockets. Available in different current ratings to use with different appliances. The most commonly used sockets are of 16A, 32A, and more. Made from high-quality PVC material to bear the load and high current. Moreover, the socket is made with a shutter for extra protection for the workers. You don’t need to worry about the short circuit by touching the wires as the shutter protects it thoroughly from everywhere. Likewise, you can choose plug sockets for any IP rating.

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