hYDROPLAST Sch-80 Pipe Fittings

HYDROPLAST Pipe Fitting is ideal Sch 80 material for Pressure Water Supply application in following:

Industrial Installation


High Rise Buildings


RO Plants

Chiller System pipe lines

UPVC Grey Color

Hydroplast upvc Schedule 80 Pipes and fittings available in grey color Both Pipes length 13 feet and fittings in No.s

UPVC Flanges
UPVC Flanges hydroplast

Flanges are the most important material in UPVC high pressure water applications. Hydroplast Sch80 has a range of Flanges for your work comfort.

Sch 80 Valves hYDROPLAST

VALVES BALL BUTTERFLY etc are the most important need in UPVC high pressure water applications. Hydroplast Sch80 has a range of Valves for your Ease.

valves upvc sch80 hydroplast

Supply in Pakistan

Online Shop Hydroplast available for orders and suppliers in Karachi Lahore Islamabad Rawalpindi Quetta Pakistan.

Sizes available from 1/2″ to 8″ upvc pipes and 1/2″ to 12″ pvc Sch-80 Hydroplast fittings.

Price list Hydroplast and Rates some time changes.

Contact numbers +92-321-2248975

Materials (property) Chemical resistance Weathering resistance (Electrical) characteristics and Physiological , UPVC piping systems are produced w/o plasticizes and fillers, However for injection mounding purposes lubricants are added to assist in process of production of complex parts, and to combat the effects like Ultra Violet light, stabilizers are added. UPVC is produced by the polymerization of vinyl chloride, a gaseous monomer.

Technical products manufactured from PVC-U can have a monomer content of 0.1ppm, which is considerably less than the specified limits. Owing to the high chlorine content of PVC-U, it does not support combustion after removal of a flame, and thus PVC-U falls into the class V-0 according to UL94.


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