AGM CPVC for hot water supply

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AGM pipes cpvc for hot water supplies are manufactured in inch dimensions for 1/2″ to 2″

AGM pipes spvc schedule 80 are manufactured according to ASTM F-441 specifications

AGM pipes cpvc are normally available in standard length of 6 meters other length can be manufactured available in plain end pipes and made light gray color

Chlorinated poly vinyle chloride (CPVC)
This is a thermoplastic piping material which can be used for higher temperature applications it is a special polymer with a higher glass transition point which means advantages over regular pvc pipes and fittings
cpvc retains its mechanical strength at higher temperature

cpvc 93 degree celsius at max (uPVC at max 59 degree celsius)
cpvc pipes manufacturing standard F-441(Sch-80)
cpvc fittings manufacturing standard F-439 (Sch-80)