Clopal extension socket CP405U

Clopal extension socket CP405U Usb 4 WAY EXTENSION 2 USB 3 METERS LONG prices and suppliers in Karachi Pakistan +92-321-2248975

Rs $-$$
CP-405 U

Clopal extension socket CP405U Contact

cp 405 clopal extension

Extension Lead Suppliers Clopal Electric

Clopal Electrics the large online store that offer all type of extensions. Available at different power ratings, such as 100W, 200W, 500W, and more. Please chek power rating of the devices you want to attach with the extension. It helps prevent any overheating or overloading issues and provides you with uninterrupted power. The most commonly used extension sockets are 5000W, 2500W, and 1000W with three-pin and two-pin switches. Some extension sockets have an LED over the sockets that shows the board is powered up.

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