Advance Android Mobile Repairing

Android mobile repairing pdf the best way to learn android and Windows Mobile Phone Repairing. beginners and experienced technicians of mobiles and cell phones get practical and theoretical knowledge on the subjects. Now in the year 2022, Most people know to use their phone features 100 percent, but not many know how to fix them. […]

Cell Phone Camera Quality Comparison

The best Camera phone quality is a very important factor for people who want to take photos all the time. And with the rise of the “Selfie” thing, manufacturers are paying more attention to the front camera as well as the back camera. photo Comparison One essential thing to keep in mind that the number […]

How Recover Deleted Text Messages

Sometimes we all really experience good when we remove subsidized information but simultaneously we removed our personal and most essential information or even only single essential information and at that period we experience to destroy ourselves. So for what you are patiently waiting to go and take fast actions. Don’t think that missing information is […]

HowTo Speed Up Android

Not everybody is a cell phone enthusiast, and the majority of the people out there can only afford to buy a new Android cell phone only once every several years. So, by the end of the first 12 or 18 months, the Smartphone that was so blazing fast when you first got it, might just […]

Howto fix Androids damaged SDcard

Greetings in today’s blog post we try to learn how to repair damaged sd card in android. if you are looking for sd card repair for android then you are about to read the year 2021 damaged sd card android repair tips how to repair damaged sd card in android An SD Cards (Secure Digital […]

How to save Android battery life

Operating System Work Most mobile phones have either Lithium-Ion battery power or a Lithium Plastic.  How Android Operating System Battery Power Work Both are Lithium-Ion though, and as such, do not have a ‘memory’, which implies you don’t have to completely cost or release them at the beginning, and limited asking for is fine throughout […]

Cell Phone and iPhone Repairing in 2022

Do you interested and amateur in cell phone and iphone repairing field? As you can see, Google has a lot of information for you in the cell phone and iphone repair industry. Staying updated in the mobile repairing field and mobile technology in this internet era is the biggest advantage you can have in the […]

Dissecting Android Phones

There is indeed no doubt that Android is one of the biggest names under smartphone technology as of this writing. Top mobile phone brands make use of the Android hardware, software and applications to operate through its product because of its continuous evolution in the market as a leading platform. Android is a software stack […]

Capacitive adhesive touch glass

The primary function of an optically obvious sticky in a contact board is to remove representation reduction and/or glare due to air holes between contact board levels. Today the majority of contact sections are little (< 4’’), resistive and capacitive contact sections that are used in cellular phones. These little contact sections are normally constructed […]

How Android Program Hardreset Samsung

Samsung galaxy s might not be one of the most recent Android working program mobile phones out there, but this doesn’t have to mean that it is neglected. We consider that it was your best option on its efforts and even now it is reasonable enough thanks to its quad-core processor and stunning display. how […]