Where Can You Find PDF Urdu Books

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and the most widely spoken language in the four provinces of Pakistan. Here you can find the best book for mobile repairing. if you want to get a mobile repairing course book then this page of blog mobile repairing online is for you. Mobile Phone Servicing and Repairing […]

How To Check Repair Battery

As we knew battery consumption has become a very common problem in today’s cell phones and smartphones. It’s easy to test voltage on any phone battery with the help of the analog and digital multi meter. In electronics, the symbol V is the unit of voltage. The method of checking a phone battery is the […]

How to use Analog Multimeter

Hi blogger fans, In this blog post we will learn about analog multi meter. We will study its principle of working and we will see that how to use analog multi meter in mobile repairing for measurement of voltage, current, Ohms, Resistance, and Continuity or Beep Testing. so let us start learning. What is Analog […]

Mobile Repairing Shop

Are you searching for information regarding mobile repairing service at home, mobile repair shops near, mobile phone repair centre, online mobile repairing in Karachi, mobile reparing, repairing center, mobile repairing centre near me, mobile repair company, and mobile repairing center in Karachi! This is the right blog post you should read. as you know according to […]

What is Android Operating System

what is android Today I am going to tell you about “what android operating system is”  and who made it? “Android operating system” is being used by 80% of people “worldwide”. Android mobile phones were launched in the year 2003 and it is hugely used till the year 2008.Nowadays, this is not only used in mobile […]

The Signal in Qmobile Not Working

how to fix mobile network not available The signal in Qmobile Not, Signal Not Available, Week Signal or Call Drops are some of the very common problems faced by many Qmobile Users, Qmobile s8 and so on to other models. in this blog post. I try to explain to you guys how to solve and […]

Chip Level Repairing

Your customers come up with Samsung Galaxy Phones or Samsung Tablet and you don’t know where to begin with the repair? Ask mobile repairing online for support and we got updated information on Samsung Galaxy S7 motherboard for you here in this blog post. Chip Level Repairing Help Samsung chip level repairing Help Our network […]

Best HeatGun Rework Station for Mobile

Let us check out this best information on the market for today’s phone repair technician! Heat Gun Rework Station or SMD guns are a very useful tool for soldering re-soldering cell phone PCB basic electronic components. When working on phone printed circuit boards, there is a lot of chance for errors to be made. whether […]

Cell Phone Repair Shop

With the increasing number of cell phones in the world, the industry of smartphone repair shows a lot of opportunities. As already businessman in this field shopkeeper can gain more than a cell phone repair technician would. But, it isn’t easy to start your own phone repair store? The first step to start your own […]

Best Mobile Phone Jumper Solution Download with Diagram

Welcome to our mobile repairing course hardware Class. in this Mobile Phone Jumper Solution class we cover the following four topics. mobile jumper diagram what is continuity mode on a digital meter and how to use beep testing to check Ground Line on Phone PCB Check Shorting on Phone Battery Connector Check primary line VBAT […]