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AGM Pipe Manufacturer HISTORY

ARABIAN GULF MANUFACTURERS COMPANY LTD. founded in 1965, as one of the first manufacturers of plastic products in Saudi Arabia. Since then, our products have become part of our customers’ daily lives. More than 55 years of rich experience as well as the research & development that made us a pioneer in the field of plastic processing in the entire MENA region. Our high-quality product gained us the confidence of our customers internationally.

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ARABIAN GULF MANUFACTURERS COMPANY LTD.’s story is an impressive tale illustrating how constant change is essential for any industrial company that wants to remain successful in the long run. The company has been through a period of extensive changes, all driven by a dedication to renewal. That dedication is also apparent in the process of constant improvements and innovations throughout all core activities.

Advantages of UPVC Pipes

PVC Pipe is a product of modern technology that offers reliable and durable service to a variety of users including contractors, engineers, operators, industries, utilities, and irrigation districts. A number of performance advantages mean PVC Pipes now replace many traditional materials.

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PVC Pipes offer a tremendous weight advantage over alternative piping materials. The comparatively low weight of PVC Piping means that installers are less likely to get injured, and while it may take a team of workers or mechanical hoists to carry a large section of metal pipe, PVC Pipe is so light that a single person could easily move a long piece. This means fewer installers are required and those hired can get the piping installed comparatively faster than iron or steel. Less weight also means cheaper transport because the majority of transport companies charge by weight. This also enables larger payloads (more pipes) to be loaded


PVC Pipe’s resistance to fracture is an extremely important performance advantage. While PVC pipes are made from a rigid PVC compound, the PVC Pipe itself has the ability to yield under loading without fracturing. PVC Pipes can successfully be used where the surface will be subject to external loading such as road traffic. The modulus of elasticity of PVC Pipes is a major advantage for buried applications, particularly where soil movement or vibration is anticipated. In pressure applications, PVCs modulus of elasticity also reduces the magnitude of pressure surges i.e. water hammer. PVCO Pipes has a higher resistance to water hammer than all other pressure pipe types.

Watertight Joints

A major requirement for all piping applications is joint tightness. PVC Pipes are available with deep insertion push-together gasketed or solvent cement joints. Gasketed PVC Pipe Joint have consistently outperformed thousands of traditional pipe products in actual service. PVC Pipes are also now available with Fusion Joints to provide a monolithic fully sealed pipeline particularly suited for trenchless installations and contaminated sites.

Longer Lengths

PVC pipe is typically supplied in lengt of 6 Meter. However it can be supplied in other lengths as required. This reduces the number of joints required as compared with other pipe product Fewer joints allow for faster and more efficient installation, less hydraulic friction, and fewer opportunities for leakage.

Design Versatility

The physical properties of PVC Pipes allow designers and specifiers a high degree of freedom when designing new products and developing solutions where PVC acts as a replacement or refurbishment material. Its versatility is reflected in the wide range of applications it is found in such as pipes, cables, window frames, floor coverings, and roofing as well as packaging, interior design, clothing, billboards, marine, safety equipment, and medical products

Coefficient of Friction

When piping systems are designed one of the main concerns is flow rate and pressure. PVC Pipes provide smoother wall surfaces that reduce fluid friction and resistance to flow. This hydraulic smoothness inhibits slime build-up in sewers and virtually eliminates tuberculation and encrustation in water distribution mains. The end results are significantly lower maintenance costs, more efficient initial pipeline design, and superior performance over the life time of pvc pipe.

Advantages of CPVC Pipes

As the pioneer in CPVC technology, AGM Pipe and Fittings are trusted by residential and commercial buildings around the world. We over the most well established piping material in the Saudi Arabia market, which continually outperforms all other piping materials in key performance areas.

agm cpvc pipes
Superior Water Quality

AGM CPVC is one of the safest piping materials available. All major international public health agencies have approved our CPVC for safe use in potable water systems, ASTM International.

Chlorine Resistance

Chlorine-based disinfectants can cause pipe failures in PPR (polypropylene), metal and PEX pipes. AGM CPVC pipe and fittings are unaected by chlorine and chlorine dioxide, and will never fail due to the additives used to keep your water clean and safe

Excellent Biofilm Resistance

AGM water distribution systems help keep water pure and cut down on bacterial growth. Multiple international studies confirm that CPVC consistent outperforms copper and all other plastic piping materials, especially PP when it comes to resisting the formation of biofilms.

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