Adventure Clubs

Adventure Clubs…You have reached at Islamabad luckily and has gathered data of places to visit. But still searching the GUIDE or an Escort to assist you bring there Step by Step?

Islamabad Tourist Guide

Since Islamabad has become the world’s 3rd or 4th beautiful Capital City so as the people gather here by attraction so as the Tourist guides. These Tourist Guides are called “ADVENTURE CLUBS” in these days. You may also Customize your Holidays trip with consulting any of given below’ before leaving home!

Few of these Clubs (whom i personally dealt and found good) details is given below:

  • Ultra Adventure Club . Mr. Sada Hussain. Contact +92-315-8000506
  • Alpha Adventure Club Mr. Shahid. Contact +92-343-5004345
  • Alpha Lahore Mr. Yawar +92-336-5258535
  • Sardar Adventure Club +92-310-5352592
  • The Adventure Club Pakistan. +92-333-5128519
  • Falcon Adventure Club. +92-51-8449784
  • Adventurer Treks and Tours Lahore +92-321-1428168
  • Natur Aventure Club. +92 310 0200200
  • Islamabad Hiking Club Pakistan (a facebook group about Hiking Trails Margala Hills)
  • Royal Adventure Club – Islamabad. +92-345-7779193
  • Islamabad Adventure & Tourism Club. +92-332-9158275
  • K2 Adventure Club Islamabad. +92-333-5533362
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